Energy Saving Technology
for Lab Exhaust Fans

Active sensing for lab exhaust fans can reduce energy consumption up to 40%, qualify for utility rebates, and achieve ROI in under 18 months.

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The Active Sensing System for Lab Exhaust

Maximize your energy savings with on-demand dilution

Monitor lab exhaust air and index the exit velocity of the fans accordingly

Ensure proper dilution criteria are met 24/7

Be compliant with ANSI Z9.5 while minimizing energy usage

SmartStack™ drives significant energy savings where labs and critical spaces are part of day-to-day operations. We provided SmartStack to:




HPAC magazine // An untapped energy savings opportunity

The return on investment from re-staging with an active sensing systme can be as low as 12 months. Read the full article now.

Annual savings equal to six 100kW wind turbine

A life science building in Boston is driving lab exhaust system energy savings equal to a 100kW wind turbine – if the wind turbine ran 24/7, 365 days a year!

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